3D Printing and what’s next.

3D printing is over thirty years old. Yes, you heard that right. 3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, has come a long way since it’s inception in 1981. The applications of this technology are endless, from making prototypes to building houses. Since 2011 the cost of consumer based 3D printers has dropped dramatically, enabling the everyday user to build almost anything their hearts desire.

3D PrintingFrom the tech standpoint, we are now able to print custom computer cases, parts, and accessories. We have seen the 3D technology used for innovative case modifications, custom raspberry pi cases, as well as custom controllers, keyboards and mice. All of these modifications are a great step which lease to the entirely new world of the Printed Circuit Board, or PCB.

Recently, the company Nano Dimension has revealed that it has created a printer, The Dragonfly 2020 3D Printer, which is a 3D inkjet deposition printer that can print complete, multi-layer circuit boards using insulating and conductive nano-inks. This technology will allow companies to streamline their production processes with in-house board manufacturing. Now research and development times will drop dramatically, eventually decreasing the cost of hardware innovations. Another benefit of this technology will be the added peace of mind companies will have over their intellectual property during the development phase of their products.

As we have seen with the 3D printing prices over the last five or so years, this technology will also drop in price as more companies compete for the ever expanding market. This will allow more and more everyday computer people to get access to this product, enabling further development what is actually possible with the Printed Circuit Board Technology. What new innovations will be born out of this new technology? What would you want to do with your very own PCB 3D printer? The possibilities are endless.

We at Computer Doc think that this technology will be a game changer on so many levels and cannot wait to get our hands on this new technology.